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Transistor Clock - Details

This is an electronic kit for the experienced hobbyist.

The result is a wall hanging clock that shows 1250+ parts in all their glory. 

There are no Integrated Circuits, all functionality is achieved using discrete transistor-diode logic.

The assembly manual  has a logic tutorial and the circuit descriptions and attempts to explain how the clock works. Download the manual to the right ->

The kit comes with all parts and the PC board with the part symbols showing the values of the components for easy assembly.  Solder and solder-wick (we all make mistakes) are included, along with spare parts for most items.  All you need is a soldering iron, some basic soldering skills, and a few tools.

Silkscreen component symbols guide the assembly
View Assembly Manual in PDF
View Bill of Materials
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
50 Hz modification from Neil Harrison