Calendar Clock Kit

KABtronics is offering a kit to build a Perpetual Wall Calendar.


The top row is 1/2 inch 16-segment LED displays and the Date field is made of 0.4 inch 7-Segment LED displays.


The internal timebase is a temperature compensated crystal oscillator and is accurate to a few minutes per year.  The clock also has a powerloss protection circuit which preserves time and date for up to 30 minutes of no power.

While this is a set-and-forget wall hanging device, there are forward and back buttons that will display adjacent months as though you are flipping the pages of a paper calendar.  It will automatically revert to the current month after 30 seconds of inactivity.
The top line format is settable, see the photo page or see the manual for details.
The base kit includes:
-  Printed Circuit Board
-  LED displays
-  Components+solder
-  Power Brick Adapter
-  Assembly Manual
The optional display Kit:
-  ShadowBox Case
-  Precut colored Plexiglass
calsite001002.jpg calsite001001.jpg